Government Recovery Loan Scheme

Recovery Loan Scheme

The government has recently launched its new Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS), which replaces CBILS and the Bounce Back Programmes.

We want to make sure you know your options so that we can support you in assessing whether you need funding.

Here are five key things to know about the scheme:

  1. There’s no turnover or trading history requirements

  2. Personal guarantees aren’t needed for <£250k loans

  3. You can apply for loans, invoice finance, asset finance and overdrafts

  4. There’s no interest or fee-free period, so repayments start immediately

  5. You can borrow up to £10 million and the government guarantees 80% of the debt

You can also apply if you’re already taken out a CBILS or a Bounce Back loan.

For more detail and to view other finance options that might be available, enter your company name here.


We have partnered with Fluidly, a funding specialist, to help you understand your options and apply.  Click here to access their factsheet which details all the information we know so far.

Lenders are currently becoming accredited to offer Recovery Loans, if you register your interest early, you will be at the top of the list for Fluidly to submit your application.

If you would like to discuss the Recovery Loans further, please contact Hentons directly and one of our advisors will be in contact.

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