Awards Spotlight on Moosa Sacha

As part of our ‘Awards Spotlights’ series, we take a look at our IT Manager, Moosa Sacha, who has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Support Staff of the Year Category at the 2021 Yorkshire Accountancy Awards.

The Support Staff of the Year award recognises those key members of an organisation, whose hard work, dedication, and high standards, support the overall success of the business.

Moosa Sacha has been with Hentons for three years as our IT Manager. In this time, he has played an important role in strengthening the organisation with its IT infrastructure, as well as supporting over 120 staff with day-to-day IT queries and requirements.

In 2020 his role became even more important due to the significant impact of the pandemic on the day-to-day functions of the business. Hentons needed to think differently, creating solutions for ever changing circumstances. Improvements were made to its cloud-based infrastructure, telephone systems to deliver solutions for staff working from home.

Hentons had already embarked on a project to improve its legacy systems, however, Moosa had to speed up the timeline for its roll out, while making on the hoof alterations, to ensure it remained fit for purpose. This included sourcing a new provider which had the capabilities to match the firms needs, while being the main day-to-day lead and technical specialist.

As the main technical lead, Moosa had to handle different project streams, these included managing the requirements of 5 different offices, over 120 staff, updating all our telephone systems, implementing the mobile phone application, as well as all the networking and file sharing requirements. Moosa went above and beyond, working late evenings and over many weekends, to ensure all these streams were fulfilled on time and within budget. The result, all Hentons core systems remained intact, uninterrupted, and most importantly, clients were not impacted.

The hosted desktop, which Moosa implemented, has delivered a range of benefits in terms of improved performance, better security, and disaster recovery provisioning. The telephony system has connected all Hentons offices, provided greater functionality and given all staff the ability to make business calls from home via a new desktop phone application. This was a huge benefit to the firm when they had to transition, virtually overnight, to home working. It enabled their admin team to seamlessly perform reception duties, from home, on their mobile devices.

Moosa plays an important part within the wider Hentons team to ensure its systems run smoothly, and his support and efforts are greatly appreciated.

Peter Watson, Managing Director, commented “Moosa is one of the best IT Managers I have had the pleasure to work with. His calm demeanour and exceptional work ethic have proved invaluable over the last year as we adjusted to the impacts of the pandemic.’’

‘’He has ensured that not only have we transitioned our services to the cloud and facilitated a smooth transition to home working but at the same time maintained a continuity of service across all our offices. His efforts have undoubtedly contributed to Hentons continuing to thrive and provide great service to our clients during the last 12 months.”

On receiving the news of his nomination, Moosa said: “It is an honour to be recognised for the work we have carried out over the last year, both with our systems upgrades and the solutions we implemented during the pandemic. Hentons want to be at the forefront of all technical advances to ensure that our systems are current and fit for purpose. It is my job to ensure to put a plan in place and deliver on it, to ensure that we meet these aims.’’