How going digital can support your practice

How going digital can support your practice

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By : Minu Bhimsaria

Here at Hentons we understand how busy running a successful GP practice can be, even more so in the current climate. Your time is precious and is better served dealing with patients, rather than getting bogged down running those day-to-day business tasks.

That is why we recommend Xero for all the medical practices under our wing. We understand that with high quality healthcare, also comes a lot of admin to keep the practice running smoothly. By using Xero, Doctors and Practice Managers have streamlined cloud-based technology at their fingertips to help run their practice efficiently.

When speaking to our existing Healthcare clients about what they found most useful since moving to Xero, they all said that without a doubt they loved the useful tools which Xero provides them with, such as:

  • The Xero mobile app which means you can stay connected with your business on the go.
  • The Xero dashboard which enables you to see how things are running at a glance, with easy to read, up-to-date charts.

The other useful features that Healthcare providers valued were the Xero live reports which means they can keep track of their income, for things such as such as drug reimbursements. As this comes hand in hand with an automated bank feed this means that checking those transactions and reconciling them come at the touch of a button.

Practice Managers really appreciated the fact that you can track working hours, approve staff holidays and, with Xero’s online payroll, pay staff members. Xero also synchs with third party app providers for things like appointment scheduling.

If all of this sounds like it would benefit your practice, then why not contact one of our medical specialists and find out more.

As a Platinum Partner for Xero, and having recently been nominated as one of the top three Xero Accounting Firms in the UK, we can offer your practice the support it needs at your busiest time. Why not go digital today!


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